T.L.C. Tai Chi-Chi Kung (QIGONG)
Healing Tao of S. FL.  Located in Hollywood, Florida  314 Oak st. backyard or inside or on Beach @ Franklin st.
(954 927.2836)  / Please Phone only between 10 am and 10 pm.Certified teacher SINCE '83 (Universal Healing Tao Center of Mantak Chia in Chiang Mai/Doi Saket, Thailand. Find Raven Cohan on youtube & facebook and linkedin.) Ask about: Lectures & classes for your groups.  www.universaltao.com  www.cdbaby.com/ravencohan2
NOTICE! See Home page for Hiatus Times or:  
Please phone  only betw. 10 AM & 10 PM to hear a message when there are short hiatus times, with student teachers (possibly) filling in.
1. 7:30-8:30 a.m.Beach @Franklin St. Hollywood, FL. Tai Chi-Chi  Kung .  
It is Extra Beneficial to absorb Sunrise Chi & 5 Elements. Hour-long classes are Thurs., Fri. Sat. & Sun, (Tues is off day). Weds. Class is 108 Yang Form. You must pass short formMon. class features Chinese Yoga known as Tao Yin. That class is  indoors or in yard or house. (We are  outside, Sat. & Sun., at our new time. too!  Dress modestly* & for weather. Bring wind-breakers, hats, sun/bug lotions, etc.  See SIGN on Door of 314 Oak St. 
2. Mon. NIGHT 7:00 to 8:00 pm class  and now also added is a Thurs. night class in 2015! In winter it often is indoors.  TIMES may CHANGE, so return here if time passes before you get to class.
It's at same location. Sunset energy is powerful,too.   Most are in the backyard of the house which has mirrors. Check sign.
Low priced classes are kept intentionally so, as Spirit guides this.)

         Only $45.00 monthly or $7.00 per class. 
​       * Please wear long shorts or pants & t-shirts. Bring beach shoes. Bring a windbreaker if it's cool and windy. If you like attention paid to you and corrections given, you will enjoy this class. Florida is getting colder, too!

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Raven became a Senior Instructor   on Sept.  14th, 2010.  

She so very much enjoys
teaching all who care to
walk their own path of 
understanding, how to
advance as a human on
this planet.  This system
is enabling you to do that by learning how to be a  person who is a genuine Explorer of you  within  the Universe. 
Universal/Healing Tao of Mantak Chia
Raven lecturing on Ships @'Royal Carribean
Raven teaching
Tai Chi/Qigong on Celebrity Cruise lines.