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Yesterday I got inspired to write by reading an e-newsletter I contribute to.  (That happens to me often!) There was an article about ten ways to get better sleep and all were very good, short methods.  Here are some ideas I would like to share.  Much of what I offer in classes that I teach comes from Ancient Chinese Medicine Remedies and require that anytime you learn something you must do it for 100 days in a row to set in the habit before you expect it to instantly work.  It is not a pill or a bath.  Those ways might work right away or never work for you like anything you set out to use to help you.  However, the Ancient Chinese throughout the ages including until now, suggest that you practice the following method nightly.  (Yet some people will definitely get results right away.  Please don't say to yourself a negative mantra that would exclude that possibility!)  Do you realize that the word, 'mantra' itself means to say something over and over?.  Any mantra might be positive but it can be negative if it stops you from believing in yourself.  You might think you are an exception to the rules.  Forget about why that happens to some of you!  Please read this article... (YES... OVER and OVER!)

1.There are six healing sounds that you learn to vocalize while you picture each of the five Viscera.  (In Chinese Medicine healing techniques, we get very user-friendly with these five organs: 1. lungs, 2. kidneys, 3. liver, 4. heart and 5. spleen.  The 6th sound goes to a system of energy-routing in the body to smooth all five viscera functions together in a balanced way.  The sixth one can work well by itself and I will explain it after a few preparations here.  If you want to learn the first five, come on the 2nd. Sunday of each month to my 'Orient to the Tao Workshop' at my space in N. Hollywood Beach, Florida.  Go to my Website for details on the fifth and sixth tabs of:  www.taoTLC.com. : The workshop is 10:30 am until noon or longer, and is free or you might contribute a Love Donation if you care to do so.  Also one of the newest and clearest ways to digest this information is in a book called Emotional Wisdom by Mantak Chia and Dena Saxer, New World Library, ISBN 978-1-57731-612-1, (pbk.:alk.paper)

2.When you get into bed, do all the things that relax you and/or those that you know from yoga:  conscious breathing methods, relaxing each part of the body, etc.  I add this, however:  before you start relaxing yourself, WIGGLE into the mattress and lay flat with your legs comfortably apart.  Make certain you are not twisting your body and that your spine is aligned.  Be sure the small of your back is lengthened down into the mattress.  Think of the 'small of your back' as you wiggle, as the 'LARGE of your back.'
Uncurl your fingers and toes as if a honey-like substance was running through them as water runs through a hose.  Palms of your hand should face upwardly.  Imagine the palm centers have a mouth and can breathe, and the souls of your feet can also breathe.  Picture the mouths at the hollow spot in the center under the balls of each of your hands and feet.

3.Smile and even laugh at a silly joke.  Observe yourself smiling not just from your lips but from your eyes.

4.This is the Sixth sound I mentioned above:  'Heeeeeeee' that is voiced very quietly like a whisper.  Without any movement right now, (which I will describe in a., b. and c., to accompany the sound,) practice making the whisper-like sound on its own.  Extend it as long as the movement will take, which is about just under a half minute or even 18 seconds. If you run out of breath, please simply do not worry about it and sneak a little more breath in to complete the movement. The sound is directed to a part of the energy system that is called 'Triple Warmer' which is part of the understandings of the acupuncture system.  The Warmers are divided into its three segments: 1. the head, the neck down passing the heart to the solar plexus, 2. the solar plexus to the navel and 3. the navel to the perineum.  (This third part can include the arms and legs.)  

The order of what happens is:  while you are comfortable in your bed, on an inhale, raise your arms with unlocked, rounded joints from where they would be by your sides, extending them out and up the sides of your body until the hands are above your head toward the ceiling.  Allow the fingers of each hand to face toward the other hands fingers' tips.
a.Now whisper out your 'heeeeeeeeeeeeee' sound as you lower your hands consciously down the center line of your body scanning above the points in the upper warmer:  (crown, eye brow center, lips, neck's base of throat where there is a hollow, heart i.e. center of breast bone and bottom of breast bone which is the top of the solar plexus. There is a soft spot there under the sternum bone, i.e./ the breast bone.)  
b.Then continue to the middle warmer:   (Where you just left off at that hollow, the navel is the bottom of it.  So that is the smallest warmer area!)  
c.Then continue from there to the lower warmer, (the navel, reproductive center just above the pubic bone to the perineum which is the bottom-most of your torso.)  
While your hands scan down over all three warmers points from top to bottom while you are making that 'heeeeeeeeeeeee' sound, when your hands finally pass the perineum they can go to the sides near your thighs as they were when you began and you can then mentally include your arms and legs in the scan.)  Let all your body rest.  Breath AND SMILE and repeat a total of six times. 

Some people feel looser if they imagine they are made of dough and someone is rolling your body into a smoother, less bumpy self while scanning. This is one time when you get a scan where you guarantee yourself a positive diagnosis.  Feel and tell yourself that you have transformed anything that needs more attention and love.  Relax and enjoy the fruits of being in an unconfined place where you are loving yourself without fault-finding. If you feel sleepy the 3rd. time or even after the 1st. time, you might just fall asleep without doing all six times.  Over the years, I mostly teach it just once and so few students tell me they would have wanted to do more than one repetition of this sound!  But if you do all six scans, you need it, so enjoy your time with yourself!  

Most people who have had a challenging time falling asleep have become this way due to complicating things through over-thinking about them with what many call the 'monkey mind.'  So give yourself a break from listening to redundant, jumping thoughts and instead focus on this exercise.  Please be lovingly advised that you need not feel like you have done the exercise perfectly the first time, the tenth or even the one hundredth.  Just do as well as you do. Time is on your side and transformation to a relaxed, happier and easily sleeping being is what you deserve.  YES, you DO!!!  

The above exercise is part of an upcoming book by Raven Cohan which has a title that is not being shared at this time with the public. This short-cut method is Raven's version that newcomer's to her teacher's system can play with. The system of Mantak Chia is called Universal Healing Tao which is located in Doi Saket, Thailand.  There are teachers world wide. You can find a local instructor in the Americas by getting in touch with Raven who, is a Senior-certified instructor and has been with the system since 1981.  See Raven's Web site at www.taoTLC.com and please read her other articles. 

A Getting -To- Sleep Method from Ancient Chinese
by Raven Cohan