A 'Long-Cut' to a Male's Healing Love Techniques.
By Raven Cohan
In the Healing/Universal Tao where I have been teaching since 1983 what eventually has become nine courses of varied certified topics of study, a frequent question comes to me over the years.  Here is how I recently answered it.
“Tell me something Raven, do you think you could give me some lessons on moving energy to higher centers from my perineum? I've read Mantak Chia's books and I've done some exercises to move my sexual energy upwards but sometimes it's hard to move it up because the pressure and sensation of excitement down in the lower area is so strong, that I decided to stop.”
First I must clarify, that there exists a course that Mantak Chia has called, "Healing Love", and he also has called it, "Multiple Orgasm" techniques for males and females.  There is no short cut.  It is very important to our spiritual development to begin to utilize what we term "arousal energy" for self healing and eventually the healing of others.  It is only one kind of healing energy but it is a very powerful and fundamental source of healing in humans.  The challenge that most men have in training their sexual energy to keep aroused but not to ejaculate is a common question.   Men cannot get serious without learning these techniques.  
I have concluded after many years of being a teacher, that it is much better to train for anywhere from one to five years, (average 2.5 for most men, unless they are practicing many times daily), without attempting the arousal techniques for men. For women, this can be true as well.  Men and women first need to build chi in their lower tan tien.
What I am teaching in my daily classes is leading all my students to getting the bliss first.  You then eventually translate that bliss into a form of energy that can be much more easily controlled when you are with a partner or self-pleasuring.  It is too challenging for most men to disassociate orgasm from ejaculation, and many, unconsciously if not outright consciously, don't really want to give up the ejaculation.  
Bliss, however, is pretty miraculous and can feel stronger and stronger with practice, and it will become so familiar that slowly and surely, you will be able to spread it to every part of your body. Leaving the actual arousal of sex organs out of your meditations and visualizations at first, will help you to not feel like a failure.  This is a common occurrence that happens to some men when practicing healing love.   They unwittingly ejaculate.  
This will come to a surprise to many who are not schooled in the Taoist Arts.  Males are taught that ejaculation is the source of LOSING their most empowering healing energy through ejaculation of the sperm.  Most men in the world have ingrained in their psyches that the 'be all/end all' of sexual relations is ejaculation.  (Women are not losing energy as much when they have ejaculation of their sexual fluids.  [That is another subject that so many people aren't aware exists.] The only fluid that women are asked to train themselves to lessen or eliminate completely is their menstrual fluid.  Women and men both have been endowed with varied
 typical amounts of menstrual/seminal fluid ratios. This article is focused on men.) The feeling of failure is a
 contender in the ‘Healing Love Race,’ is what makes progress tougher to become realized.  There is no RACE.  
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That is a waste of time and intention.  Taoist techniques help students to calm themselves down!

Many people make jokes about how sensitive men are when they compare themselves to others. Random samples of men imagine, but rarely admit to thinking that everyone might be better than they are at these exercises. But it's no joke.  And again, some women are the same way as well.  Exercises of all kinds must be mastered in whatever time frame an individual takes.

My rather simple answer to the gentleman who asked the above question was that I suggested that he start in as many Universal/Healing Tao classes as he can and build a vocabulary of these bliss-building exercises for at least a year, and then consider moving on.  At that time he might experiment with Healing Love techniques again, and if it seems easier, then a man can delve into the self-pleasuring techniques that lead one to break the habit of ejaculating in their normal sexual life until they need to ejaculate for the purpose of procreating a child.  Some men who study this are stricter about this than others, and it is a personal choice certainly.  

Over years of teaching I have come slowly to emphasize that my students refrain from learning the separate courses in Healing Love right away.  Generally speaking, people do get overly fascinated with the end result like the man who wrote to me.  For this reason, I build into my beach classes, a gentle lead-in to learning how to move un-aroused energy through the major acupuncture routes during nearly all exercises that are studied. Whether they be sitting or standing, they learn un-aroused energy is powerful, also.  Qigong, Tai Chi forms, stretches of Tao Yin, internal alchemy meditations and other categories of trainings can bring one to become an independent healer of themselves.  I teach the opening of The Micro and Macrocosmic orbits and some Fusion of the Five Elements to my students in their very first Tai Chi-Qigong classes.  Opening each point on that route is also a slow process and no one is slightly expected to begin memorizing all the points. Through repetition, not only does this training become a logical process of understanding one's own energy, but when you are prompted to eliminate holding to a pressing goal, you take each lesson and let it sink into your unconscious mind.  You become an explorer of your own generative power source that connects to the ONE source as we might name it. 

Learn FIRST, how to stand and breath properly.  Get DOZENS of corrections on relaxing and letting go of old muscle holding tensions before you set out to, in my opinion, learn ANY Qigong/Tai Chi forms and varied alchemy practices .  Recognize that you might FEEL chi on your first experience or PERHAPS  not.  Feeling Chi is not so important right away because you need to build up your reservoirs of chi/qi slowly and surely.  Take a serious vow to get a teacher who tells you that any magic-like art takes learning and practicing over and over again. Your teacher gives you meditative instructions that you eventually know well enough to practice on your own.   Response skills come from patiently and earnestly understanding that inside you are the very building up of Five Element virtues which importantly help the process.   It takes an individual student their own time to identify blissful chi feelings, bring them to the higher centers and avoid ejaculation.