To YOU : 
 Looking for a Great Way to Educate and Entertain  Your Group?
(Also, below is the Latest:  A New, Improved DVD of Forms to Study!)
Before you look at the menu of Edu-tainment/Enhancement lecture-shows I offer, perhaps it would be good to tell you some examples of where I have performed this show, (or lecture/show or lecture,) in versions that include songs or not, within the last years:  Grandeur, Mariner and Freedom of the Seas/ Royal Caribbean ships as their Edu-tainment Speaker, several years in a row for two different Chi Kung Organizations, 2005/8 Conference of Minority Elderly,  Gilda’s Club, Holistic Nurses of Broward County, as examples.  I debuted at Lumonics Art Gallery in Spring of ’04.  I’ve taken it slowly due to teaching schedules and writing a book and planning the DVD that will bring these ideas together in an easy and palatable way...
Having been engaged in such practices since 1981, and then coming up with the songs in '04 has been an amazing experience for me.    Please listen to and ORDER the Songs on CD or an up-loaded version is available: “Jazz-Up CHI- Songs to Inspire and Tickle Ya” and read more background on the website pages: 
Lecture Titles BELOW:

1.  "Regain Your Balance" :  Ancient Chinese  HINTS to have Solid Balance can be
      learned and practiced for fun. "
2.  "Catch your Breath" : Ancient Chinese  HINTS 
      to Fully Breath Healthfully  will be learned in a fun and lively way!"
3.  "Slow Down the Whirl":  Ancient Chinese  HINTS to Learn to do less than
      more is easy and enjoyable.
4.   "Nutrition Pick-me Ups":  Ancient Chinese  HINTS to
      Give yourself the Healthy Foods and Replace  some less Healthy Foods.
5.  "Clean Up the JOINT": Ancient Chinese HINTS to gain flexibility of your 
      knees, hips, fingers, toes, etc.?  Yes! Yes! Yes!
6.  "Best Gift!  A New Heart" : Ancient Chinese HINTS to Bring Youth to Your 
      Heart and all other internal organs. 

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Perhaps you might know or like to know, that
Raven was a dancer professionally, starting at nine years old, but unpaid until 18 years old.
She continued performing as a professional, adding in her trained skills of acting, voice, mime and contortion dance/acrobatics.  Plus she made her own costumes and applied her own special make-up. (She began her teaching Tai Chi and Qigong in '83, but  continued performing  until the year 2000.  Raven loves to teach!) 
It was in that year, 2000, that Raven recorded her  first songs.  She loves to entertain you and your group with them.
Get the C.D. or downloads and sing along in your car (as many of the fans already do!)

Raven will not literally turn
herself inside-out anymore,
at her more mature age!
But she will help YOU stretch to YOUR best!
Physically, Energetically, Mentally & Spiritually!
Here is the LATEST NEWS!!! in Summer of '12.
A brand-new release of an improved DVD is now available  Raven has sold previously hundreds of copies.  First up in it is the original version of Master Mantak Chia's 5 Element form as performed and recorded  in earlier additions.  It is broken down piece by piece with explanations of what you are to be doing described in voice overs.  That is the first part which Raven could not improve upon. (Also there is a good explanation of how to best use this or any video of forms.) That is followed by 3 other newly recorded forms:

1. Yang Style 108 performed by Raven, as taught by Master Wei Lun Huang. The steps      are numbered via a voice over. 
2. Ba Gua also performed by Raven as taught by Master Huang is also numbered,            (counted out loud, via voice-over.)
3. 5 Element Fast Form of Master Chia, performed by Raven which is the Fa Jin,              (explosive power-developing form.)  That has the directions and names of steps on        the screen.

Several of the songs I wrote and sing on my C.D. mentioned above are added in as background!
It costs only $15. per copy plus $3.00 for shipping. 
You must purchase it via snail mail by sending a check to my address:
314 Oak St., Hollywood, FL. 33019