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Chi Kung Basics
 Basic, Internal Chi Kung, (Qi Gong) Meditative Exercises)  
Ancient Chinese Prescriptions for Energy & Calming
Date:  Sat. & Sun.,  April 18th & 19th, 2015
                 Time:1:00 until 5:00 PM both  days for price below.
Please Phone: 954.92-RAVEN

Topics of Study in this Workshop:

 1. Healing Sound Meditation... which allows understandings of 5 Element divisions that help us expertly 
         in navigating our own Internal Organs. We learn to put Sound and Color into our viscera, which in Chinese
         Medicine are the 'yin' organs, yet 'yang' organs are also aided. A Sixth sound helps your sleep come  easily 
         when done before getting to bed. Learn to scan the organs while you smile to and massage each of those  
         5 Element  Yin & Yang organs. 

   2. Inner Smile Meditation...You will train your concentration to move comfort back to your organs so as
         to feel and become healthier. You learn which organ connects to a particular Season, Power-animal and    
  3. Macrocosmic Orbit Meditation... Follow the ancient acupuncture channels that makes it easier to connect
         better to your nine bodies in Mother Earth, (a way to establish deep rooting power.)  You also connect to
         Universal Cosmic Forces.  This is a better place to connect with, more often than the Internet. Your own 
         energy is free and always trainable.
         (In other words this workshop is all about taking charge of your own health from the inside to the out! It is
         recommended that you repeat this workshop a second time for only half price OR begin coming to our
         daily classes also in Hollywood Beach as seen on the Home page, with directions on the Map/Directions
         page where even more self-development is learned for healing and martial self-empowerment.)
  Register  Early, please.  Space limited to 9 persons.

  This special weekend class is for those people who feel they need                privacy and comfort of this indoor, sitting-down settingAll teaching was 
presented to Raven Cohan through the guide of Master Mantak Chia . Next Same
Workshop  will be repeated July 25th and 26th, '15  
It will be presented at other times
within this year. Much of this type of internal teaching is found built into scheduled classes, but sitting enables you to relax more in these meditative exercises.  
Raven has observed most people need the internal exercises made to be more clearly detailed.
Your own development of  understanding is unique.  All forms require your patience
to enable your advancement to higher levels of all qigong and forms.
The cost is:    
         $99. Pre paid by check in the mail ( min. 2 wks. adv.) Or pay $120. cash (@ door  when late-reserving by phone.)  See above. Thank You.
Teachings of Universal Healing Tao/M. Chia