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Mantak Chia (centerposes with some of Raven's own students during past workshop of total 60 who attended in '08.

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Universal Healing Tao of S. FL.  
Raven Cohan 

Websites You'll Like  
http://mantakchia.com/watkins-spiritual-100-list-for-2014/ (Look for updates.)
 Interview at Tao Garden, Thailand about 30 Year Anniversary of Teaching
In West by Mantak Chia.
See Raven as Raven Cohan on Facebook.
Also see page entitled, "Tao without the 'ism' "
   "     "      "       "     "Celebrate World Tai Chi Day at
Ingalls Park"  each April.   Location   has changed.  It
is edited each year.  There may be two locations for 2015.  
One will be in Miami and another will be in Ft. Lauderdale. 

Are you looking to study INTERNAL Development of your Being in a way that is similiar to some of the Ancient Alchemists?
There are nice people you will meet who  enjoy their beach classes!
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