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Greetings to you who are looking for Chinese Exercises given by a teacher who has studied Tai Chi, Chigong, Neigong, Taoist Yoga, Ironshirt Chi Gung and most courses from Grand Master Mantak Chia and Universal Tao for over 34 years and is certified in them and more. See map page to find the directions and house address.
954.92-RAVEN if you want to leave your phone & e=mail #.
Most classes are taught on the Beach @ Franklin St. Life guard stand... by Raven.  When it is raining there is space indoors.  On windy days, we go to the back yard.   See TAB for map and directions  and also go to 'About Tao TLC' TAB.  Newcomers are encouraged to get all the info you need to begin training amongst those students who have studied longer.  They once were new to the classes themselves and are happy to take it one step at a time again.  You will be surprised how much info you will learn over years of learning to slow down  'monkey mind.'
No one learns it all in one lesson, ten or 100 lessons.  How about a few years passing while you become happy to align your body, slowly train to feel life force energies moving through you.  And bit by bit... HAVE FUN!!! This internal approach can lead to more!

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Welcomes YOU.
In class we cultivate our virtues which reside (in Chinese Medicine Understandings),
within each of your viscera.  You bring them out through comtemplative exercise:  Learn self massage,  alignment & easy stretches that are formulas to move you into a concise Five Element Form.  Advance slowly. 
learn Yang 108 Bagua
& more...
At the  Universal Healing  Tao of S. F. you are directed in a gentle,patient way so  YOU CAN 
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Universal Healing Tao of S. FL. 
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Commit to Training Strong Intention and Patience  By Raven Cohan
(WHY Begin Studying Tai Chi-Qigong with Internal Alchemy to Deepen Your Practice...?)

Humanity has a great need to find varied means that help us to develop ourselves.  We can do well to commit to important intentions we’d like to establish in our lives with a patient demeanor. Utilizing refined techniques to help us to find those often-elusive ideals can be what our civilization needs to advance as humans on the planet.   Many people all over the world have begun to discover the Ancient Chinese arts as a means toward that objective. Students want to discover what is involved in learning practices such as Qigong, Tai Chi and other related skills from the East. In beginning a Qigong practice, curious students will find that developing their intention can be explored through using concentration to memorize a form and repeating many exercises that help them to learn a form.  

Qigong and the many thousands of practices that fall under that grand category are a wonderful world waiting for you to explore. Should only the naturally talented and already patient begin or continue?  Do you have to give in and take easier short cuts? How does one develop the skills necessary to One:  concentrate enough in order to commit to a practice that in itself can teach commitment? Two:  find ways to help newcomers get to the point where they can be convinced that slow movement is a genuine way to move through frustrations in order to build patience and stick-to-itiveness? Three: better see the movements of any form one hopes to study so that they are perceived as learnable?  

Let’s first take a short look at the modern people who approach the Ancient Techniques of China. In modern China and other Eastern countries, monks and nuns and others still can be found who train a great many youngsters to meditate at the age of six years old, (but this is becoming less common. Monks and nuns themselves have come to enjoy the world of the internet and cell phones, which is speeding us all so much.)  Those youngsters who come from meditation so early and go on to Martial Arts and Healing Arts practices do obtain a rich background that prepares them for training of their intention to command their bodies to move in specific patterns. They later understand they are made stronger in an energetic or physical way, or both through such training. (Comparatively, in the West, there are not as many people who have such rich backgrounds that can make it easier for them to learn Ancient Arts.) In the last quarter century (or for an elite few, half of a century or more,) Western mentality has more broadly infiltrated into the East.  Don't be discouraged. Our Western impatience and our less consistent study habits that are being adopted into Eastern mentality might be replacing a more healthful approach to learning Ancient Remedies if we don't understand our deep down potential. 

During early stages of learning Tai Chi and/or Qigong, it is necessary that all people world-wide are informed that they are encountering a challenging study that will take a lifetime.  Students must be told to take off themselves any excessive pressure. Commencing to build one’s own health from the ground floor needs an approach that is neither too strict nor too loose! Perhaps our approach to learning can in itself become a balance of yin and yang! This will apply to both traditional approaches and more modern adaptations.  

The world increasingly does need more emphasis placed upon patiently building our own health and stamina in order to survive in the techno-world we live in.  Our tolerance toward doing anything slowly might be becoming extinct, especially through our extreme interplay with internet, cell phones and such that connect us to vast worlds of information in the speed and intensity of lightning. 

We need to admit to the fact that we are caught up in commonly held stress producing behaviors that we pass off as “normal worries”. People have been putting upon themselves greater needs to be rich and famous like "Reality TV stars." Such instant fame is rare, nor is it a reality.  Such  pursuits, when out of control, can lead to extreme misbalancing. We need to find ways to disengage from wishes to gain with little study.  Consider developing genuine skills.  That is priceless!

It's great to be able to suggest an article that can be read on one web site * that explains clearly how it is the development of our intention that will best increase our ability to improve our own DNA, which will knock out habitual responses that get wired into us, just as if we were mere robots. On that website, proofs are offered on the theory that, (quoting from the article:) “though in truth, a cell is actually "controlled" by beliefs, since perceptions may not necessarily be accurate.” For the sake of our very survival we need to become healthier through our self-explorative techniques that help us to better develop our intentions so we can move past genealogical tendencies and become stronger individuals in our minds, bodies and spirits! 

Both Easterners as well as Westerners can benefit by opening up to a greater respect of fresh values that might be re-adapted. Our society can evolve toward being less often motivated to do things exclusively for the sake of reward.  One must be clearly shown that perhaps the most reward we can receive is a life that can be made smoother through development of an easier, gentler attitude and lifestyle. If this consciousness is awakened then people will want to change enough to adopt some challenging life-long practices.  

There are thousands of teachers and systems in China and worldwide. Are many more teachers themselves looking for quicker fixes to teach to their students?  Are we who teach tempted toward a desire of gaining fame and fortune by discovering the quickest way? Is a majority of the world now moving away from the slow and patient development required which helps us to answer the three how-to-develop questions I posed in paragraph two? Greed and speed has proven to not be a healthy answer. I gently suggest here that we need to bless Quantum Physics that better helps us to understand why the ancient practices, combined with modern research, can create changes for our betterment. The understanding of Quantum Physics means we all can return to our roots.  (We all can learn to evolve as slowly as the many Universes have done!)  We do not have to short change the powerful, life-long development of patience!  

Let’s now go over the responses to the questions I posed in the second paragraph. In developing a greater respect for the Ancient people of the world, (and not limited to China). Studying the history of Ancient Healing Arts  can show us how for thousands of years our human faculties have developed.  We modern people of all nations can learn to focus on details of an art such as Qigong. We can come to better value refining our natures through dedicating ourselves to doing things over and over slowly, gently and lovingly. We can just 'keep on keeping on,' by immersing ourselves in the ever-evolving advancement. We use our senses fully enough to appreciate the miniscule details in nature and form with not more short cuts but less. When our human race no longer gets bored in a short time with any serious pursuit, we will know we are becoming healthy spiritual beings who have emerged stronger through a most pure dedication to ourselves.  So there are your answers! :  One:  Concentration comes by repeating an activity over and over.  Two:  Some people certainly will be frustrated, but let’s move through it all by laughing like a playful child instead of howling to the finish line like a hasty, result-orientated speed demon!  Let us be like babies who know how to play a game over and over. Become completely absorbed  and not scattered. Three:  Seeing comes through using all the senses!  Some people need to hear a description of what must be done and others need to feel their bodies in space as well as simply observing a form. Developing some senses and toning down others of them is enjoyable. Study with a teacher who will see what you need so that YOU can connect the dots.

Many Qigong and especially Neigong, (internal,) practices exist. They train all the senses which will make it easier to have strong intentions! Let’s make great use of detailed practices that nudge us into a true patience-building steps that can move us toward finding most high evolvement! “cellular consciousness”. Dr. Lipton was on a program in '11 with M. Chia.)

Basic Concepts of Tai Chi-Qigong For Average Americans
by Raven Cohan

Tai Chi, or the post-Mao spelling, "taiji," can be a catch-all phrase, but it really means "learning from the extremes of Yin and Yang," (that we can say are the ups and downs of life). Acceptance of this is up to you.  Tai Chi is a fraction of what is only part of another catch-all phrase called in post-Mao: Qigong or Chi Kung. That enables you to begin understanding that there are life forces that can be better developed that will keep you healthy.  Don't just get rid of things.  More importantly, train to build up your health.  Different teachers present this uniquely.  Your teacher, Raven does not emphasize the teaching of Tai Chi Chuan*, but you will eventually learn some. Tai Chi 5 Element form is one which has the preferred  emphases:  Spiritual and Medical-developmental components. (* 'Chuan means, "fist," and pertains to martial arts.

The medical benefits of Tai Chi-Qigong are many.  A program of training might take many years and students make it a life time study once they get serious.  They often can feel benefits right away. Raven, as a teacher, intends to guide people in training themselves to start: 1. improving their alignment and capabilities to breath properly.  2. Students learn to release stress by slowing down.  3.They become user-friendly with their internal organs and meridians.  4. They begin to experience being integrated with this planet Earth, as a part of a hologram that makes up the Universe. 5. They are trained to care about the expression of their emotions in a balanced way.  These foci release stresses that we know are highly the cause of most dis-ease.  The major systems of the body are improved. Therefore even chronic  complaints begin to be lessened and often disappear.  We also work on building the capability to have the patience to be in such a do-it-yourself program.  Yes, it is a do-it-yourself program, but you will have company.  You become aware that only you can permit changes to be made! Our conscious and unconscious processing is differentiated but understood to work as a team.  

A few students are quoted below and explain their personal ways in which Tai Chi helped them to benefit:  

" Since meeting you I've experienced the death of my father, a most sad 
event for me.  Yet I feel every little thing I do and learn, although not yet
'perfected' in the Tao system, it has strengthened me and given me internal 
peace in a manner never imagined previously." M. R.

The above quote is from a woman who had no major complaints, but she felt emotionally more strengthened.

"It has helped me try to understand my reaction due to the symptoms of my 
right leg last week. THANK YOU!!!" C.S.

This young woman quoted above, is one of several M.S. challenged people who work on improving the condition of their nervous symptoms that can be built back to health.  Recently her medical doctor understood that through diet change and 'tai chi,' she had weaned herself off the medicine she'd been on for ten years. (Another M.S. patient and former student now in Canada has had no regressions in the last twenty years.) There are so many 'thank you' letters from so many students. Let's talk about people who feel that they cannot be helped.

Entire books have been written on why people strongly hold onto old trauma and injury and therefore do not heal. We are a people that can be quite wounded from our upbringing in our childhood.  Our society supports this.  Certain feelings of attention that becomes familiar can come through which become like a crutch.  In classes these are addressed in varied ways.  These ways include training to speak positive mantras to yourself rather than negative ones. You soon will know the difference.

Raven aims for students to feel that they are in charge of their healing process no matter what condition they begin in.  To minimize the over-serious and over-sensitive attitudes of students takes steps. You are trained to find the ability to utilize a playful attitude toward your self-training. That is what many students most often comment upon. 

You need give up fearful attitudes. Until you are aware of your physical body and thoughts, attitudes can hide.  Coming to classes regularly can be the answer. Are you ready to heal?  

If you  persevere, you will give yourself the gift of feeling more independent in your search for harmony.   Discovering the spiritual aspect that lies under the rest is a eureka moment. It is beautiful to observe in yourself and classmates.  

Please CLICK on the YouTubes to see Raven in action during interviews.
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 Notice that throughout the web site, I use the two different spelling systems to 'speak' with about this grand subject.  The more modern version called 'Pinyin' came about after Chairman Mao brought Communism to China.  My teacher, Mantak Chia never uses it because of Mao's affinity to have had destroyed many ancient texts.  So he uses only the 'Wades-Gile' system that translates the Chinese to English. No matter which system you may be familiar with, respect your teachers. Enjoy the vast information that has come out of China, and continues enfolding new information.  Science info is readily available to modern people. Yet. we can not abandon the ancient but expand it through research. That helps us explore the marvels awaiting when you train to send your mind inside yourself to develop who you are.  It doesn't happen overnight.  

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